New York Legal Recruiter

Companies Save Time Using a New York Legal Recruiter

The management personnel at large corporations do not have a lot of time to spend recruiting and interviewing prospective candidates for open positions. This is especially true of many legal firms located in big cities. A New York legal recruiter can help any corporation or agency find the type of lawyer they need. Because the recruiter handles the initial screening process, the management saves an enormous amount of time conducting interviews.

Qualified Personnel

The problem with interviewing candidates for an open legal position, is having to go through an array of people who do not meet the qualifications for the job. Scheduling interviews with unqualified candidates takes time out of a manager's busy schedule. This can be avoided by working with a professional recruiting agency. The manager of the corporation or legal firm, tells the recruiting agency what type of qualifications candidates need to have in order to be considered for the job. Qualifications for potential candidates will differ according to what the job is. A corporate lawyer needs to know the laws pertaining to contracts and employment, so someone practicing family law might not have the right qualifications for a corporate law job.

More Available Resources

A professional recruiting company has access to more candidates than what a company or legal firm might have. A New York Legal Recruiter is always looking for new candidates to place with the companies who need them. This process usually means the agency has a comprehensive database they can pull from to find qualified candidates. The recruiter can make the initial contact with the potential candidate to make sure their information is up to date and they are still looking for a position to open up in their field. Once the information is verified, the recruiter can contact the company to schedule an interview.